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Wine Tour Tuscany- The Tension Free Space

After becoming parents, enjoyable adult space is hard to find. Be it taking out some precious time with friends or excursions, and they always seem to be the priority and even the attention seekers, to get some space without them being cranky or being without any human obstacle, undecided about how to get fun, Fattoria di Montemaggio is the stop. From singles to parents, Fattoria di Montemaggio is the perfect choice for spending some free time in hand.
Why go to a Wine Tour Tuscany?
Going on a wine tour Tuscany can be a lot of fun. As mentioned, anyone can make happy use of the opportunity. It offers many variants for all types. To add more, it is the perfect outcome that one can make out of time and money.
Additional Opportunities
As mentioned, everybody has their own choice of spending time at wine tour Tuscany and, Fattoria di Montemaggio serves for all choices. Here are some of its variants:
The Culinary Experience
• Learn the art of cooking authentic Tuscan dishes.
• Take a stroll through the vineyards and gain knowledge about the working processes of organic production.
• Going into the wine cellar to enjoy the meal prepared, awaiting with pairings of Monte Maggio wines.
• Concluded with a delicious dessert paired with a grappa.
Activities for kids:
Entertainment for the little ones that accompany their parents on the visit.
• A scheduled pasta-making workshop
• Baking of biscuits
• Other activities to engage kids
• Give their parents some precious adult space to enjoy their activities.
Art of painting on textile and ceramics:
• Painting workshops on ceramics or textile- linen and silk.
• A local artist will guide, teach, and help achieve unique and personal work.
• Many sources of inspiration for art from the relief features around the candidate.
• Advice on ways to display artwork in the area’s museums and galleries.
Visiting Fattoria di Montemaggio is a delight for everyone, be it children, old citizens, or the youth!